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Certificate of Compliance to GOST R

The Certificate of Compliance to GOST R (also called as the Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Gosstandart, Customs Certificate, GOST R Certificate, etc.) - is a document issued as per regulations of certification system with the purpose to confirm the compliance of quality and safety of certified products (services) to established requirements, standards in force (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC, GOST R ISO, etc.). Certification of products (services) may be both of mandatory nature ("yellow certificate" - certificate for the objects of mandatory certification; "blue certificate" - certificate for the objects, which were not included in the List of mandatory certified products). The basis for performing the certification within GOST R system is:

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Permission of Rostechnadzor

Permission of Rostechnadzor (Federal Agency for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) of Russian Federation for technical means application (also called as Permission, Permission for Application, Permission of Rostechnadzor of Russian Federation, etc.) is a document, confirming the equipment (technical device, material) compliance including the exported ones to the requirements in the field of industrial safety and allowing the above equipment for application (operation) within the hazardous industrial objects under observation of Rostechnadzor of Russian Federation (Gosgortechnadzor). The permission for application of technical devices is issued to the technical devices manufacturer or its official representative. The permission for application may be issued both for single technical device/batch, and dimension (model) range of technical devices. Additionally the permissions may be used for a combined technical device, in which all components perform interrelated functions in case all components are confirmed to be in compliance with industrial safety requirements. The term of the permission validity is five (5) years. The basis for obtaining the Permission for Equipment (technical device) Application are:

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