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GOST R Certificate

The Certificate of Compliance to GOST R (also called as the Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Gosstandart, Customs Certificate, GOST R Certificate, etc.) - is a document issued as per regulations of certification system with the purpose to confirm the compliance of quality and safety of certified products (services) to established requirements, standards in force (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC, GOST R ISO, etc.). Certification of products (services) may be both of mandatory nature ("yellow certificate" - certificate for the objects of mandatory certification; "blue certificate" - certificate for the objects, which were not included in the List of mandatory certified products).

The basis for performing the certification within GOST R system is:


  Federal Law of Technical Regulation №184-ФЗ dated December 27, 2002;

Resolution of Gosstandart of Russian Federation №64, dated July 30, 2002- for domestic products;

Letter of Federal Customs Authorities of Russian Federation, 2006 N 06-73/44906, dated December 19 - for imported products.

Important particulars, which is necessary to know:

  • Before obtaining the certificate, please, clarify from the expert the information of whether your products (services) shall be subjected to mandatory certification - this info will assist you in choosing further decision;
  • Do always ask from the Executor the model of certificate for coordination, and coordinate the model with your logistic managers and customs broker for proper customs code in case the products are of foreign manufacture and imported to Russia;
  • You have the possibility to save some money, if you indicate spares and components for certified products in the certificate, but only in case they are manufactured at the same factory;
  • Should the products shall be subjected to sanitary and epidemiology appraisal and state registration, then to obtain the Certificate of Compliance to GOST R it is necessary to have sanitary and epidemiology conclusion, certificate of state registration of the product, the number of which shall be necessarily indicated in the Certificate of Compliance to GOST R

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